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Short Cuts and a Quick Reference Guide. 
The spirit of golf lies in proper handicapping. The source of equitable handicap indexes is an accurate course rating system. The MVGA follows USGA principles and rates each of its courses through the direction of staff and well-trained course rating committee volunteers.  
Why is there an R after my Handicap Index - Section 10-3 of the USGA Handicap System: Reduction of USGA Handicap Index Based on Exceptional Tournament Scores
Competing From Different Sets of Tees
When Should a Score be posted as a Tournament Score 
What Scores Should I Post - Acceptable Rounds for Handicap Purposes
How a USGA Handicap Calculated 
Stroke Hole Allocation Guidelines 
Handicap Index Conversion Calculator 
Score Probability Table 
Forms - Sample Letters 
USGA's National Course Rating Database 
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