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Volunteer Position Descriptions
Collect scores from players as they pass past your location and enter them into the scoring tablet.
Timing Station 
Monitor time players complete a designated hole; determines if players are on time or late: advises later player of any applicable penalties.  Charts, atomic clocks and scripts are provided.  
The Checkpoint Official must accurately record the time the flagstick is replaced in the hole using the provided chart. 
The Checkpoint Official should position themselves to have a clear view of the putting green of the checkpoint hole. Park your golf cart in a position where you can see the flagstick being placed in the hole, and the competitors can see the atomic clock positioned on the front of your cart as they head towards the next tee, and above all else please be out of plays way. 
Record the time that the group replaces the flagstick in the hole
When possible please text the Tournament Official at 937-609-3387 when a group is outside of the Pace of Play timing chart (Example: 8:00, Tee 1, +5)You may communicate with the competitors if they ask how there are doing in regards to their groups pace of play.  For all other rulings please text the 937-609-3387 number our alert a Tournament Official in your area.
There is no breach if the actual time is equal to or earlier than the allotted time or within fifteen minutes of the time the group ahead replaces the flag in the hole.  (It is therefore possible to be outside of the timing chart but not be in breach)Once the last group from the wave you are working is completed please come back to the Volunteer Area. 
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