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To develop additional community interest in our Metropolitan Championship.  Miami Valley Golf developed the Metropolitan Contest.   

Now in it's eighth year, t
he contest works by choosing one (1) player from each of the selection groups. (Developed after the Deadline, and those on waiting list are not included)  Divisions this year are determined by alphabetical order.

At the conclusion of the Metropolitan, your selected players finish positions will be totaled.  If your selections collectively finish the lowest you will win six (6) dozen personalized Pro-V1's (or any ball of your choosing).  

Contestants who DQ, Withdraw, No Card or No Show will be assigned the next finish number after the 36th or 72nd hole highest score is recorded depending if the competitor in question makes the cut or not.


Best of Luck to all those who make selections and all those playing in the 100th Anniversary of our Amateur Championship!
First Name: *
Last Name: *
Email Address for Confirmations of Selection *
For Tie Breaker, Please Enter Your Guess at a Winning Score for the Men's Division (Par is 284)
Groups are Determined by Alphabetical Position By Last Name
Adams-Cooper * Adams, Jacob
Arlinghaus, Brian
Arnold, Brian
Betzold, Peter
Birchfield, Bo
Brady, Jim
Brodbeck, Nick
Brumley, Jessie
Buffington, Bryan
Burr, Stephen
Cadwallader, Chris
Caswell, Drew
Cooper, Jason
Corder-Gscheidle * Corder, Cole
Crawford, Zach
Creamer, Mitchell
Day, Paul
Deweese, Hunter
Dippold, Matt
Eardley, Bob
Elliott, Josh
Flick, Alex
Flick, Ryan
Gilkison, Jordan
Gillen, Ryan
Gscheidle, Brian
Gutheil-Kreusch * Gutheil, Adam
Haney, Bryce
Hensel, William
Hockett, Connor
Hrabik, Derek
Huang, Alex
Jankovich, Tyler
Jones, Cooper
Jones, Jake
Kincade, Zach
Knutson, Brandon
Kreusch, Nick
Lehigh-Osborn * Lehigh, Mitchell
Licher, Mike
Litteral, Quinten
Luczka, Cameron
Martz, Kevin
Meek, Sam
Miller, Kyle
Miller, Philip
Morton, Ronald
Muir, John
North, Jake
Osborn, Nathan
Paxson-Spees * Paxson, Nicolas
Phillips, John
Pothast, Andrew
Quigley, Connor
Reichley, Ryan
Samborsky, Peter
Schoonmaker, Austin
Scohy, Jeff
Sloan, Ken
Smith, Brent
Snyder, Ethan
Spees, Chandler
Stump-Witters * Stump, Ronnie
Wardley, Cam
Weber, Justin
Weiss, Brandon
Wheat, Peyton
White, Andy
Wilkerson, Dylan
Williams, Sam
Willins, Gordon
Wilson, Darin
Witt, Kevin
Witters, Benjamin
And the Ladies Division playing 54 Holes (Their Finish Position, in just the ladies division that plays 54 holes will be added to the total) * Bitzer, Penny
Blaschak, Brittney
Burritt, Alyssa
Cronin, Ellie
Kulkarni, Esha
McCrabb, Hannah
Morland, Rhine
Pratt, Cynthia
Romine, Emma
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