1. By participating in a dealer hosted MBDC event all players agree to: 

a. Share necessary information including address, phone number, and email address. 

i. MBUSA, MB of Centerville and Miami Valley Golf values your privacy and will not share or sell your information to any outside partners. For Mercedes-Benz’s privacy policy please visit www.mbusa.com/mercedes/policies/privacy_statement.  For MB of Centerville's privacy policy please visit https://www.mbofcenterville.com/terms.  For Miami Valley Golf's privacy policy please visit http://miamivalleygolf.org/privacy-policy-6417.html

b. Consent that photographs of participant(s) may be used in a professional marketing efforts for MBUSA, MB of Centerville, Miami Valley Golf and the Mercedes-Benz Dealer Championships program. Further, participant fully and unconditionally releases all claims for consideration, copyright infringement and all other claims of any nature relating to the use of participant's entry, name or likeness.  

c. Adhere to all program rules as described below 
2. To be an eligible participant: 
a. MBDC is an amateur only program - no professional golf players are eligible to advance to the next level of competition, 
i. The USGA’s definition of an amateur golf player is “one who plays golf for the challenge it presents, not as a profession and not for financial gain.” (The Rules of Golf, approved by the USGA, Rules of Amateur Status, definition, Amateur Golfer). No professional golf players are eligible to advance to the next level of competition.
b. The following Mercedes-Benz USA and dealership affiliated parties are not eligible for advancement to the National Final, prizes including Hole in One competition and closest to the hole competition, or the post-event test-drive program:
i. Any employee of any Mercedes-Benz dealership, MBUSA, MBUSA-affiliate company, dealership auto group, charity board member, charity employee, charity volunteer or charity staff member; program partner or program sponsor, employees of a tournament title or host sponsor, host club or agency employee; tournament volunteers; or any individual appointed to work the tournament 
3. All players advancing to the National Final must have won a dealer hosted tournament via a legitimate golf tournament (i.e.no auctions, raffles, or drawings). Advancement from MB of Centerville's Event Championship will be determined by the Low Two Person Net Better Ball using 75% of course handicap and all competitors in this division of play must have a valid USGA Handicap Index.
a. If the winning team or players cannot attend the National Final, the spot(s) will be filled by the runner-up(s) as provided to MBUSA by the host dealership 
b. In the event of a tie, winner(s) must be chosen via a legitimate tie-breaker scoring method or via golf competition. 
c. MBUSA, MB of Centerville and Miami Valley Golf reserve the right to review any scoring irregularities and to disqualify any individual(s) or team from competing and/or advancing to the National Final whom it deems to have acted improperly or unfairly. 
4. The hole in one competition is insured by American Hole in One. A maximum of two prizes per tournament will be awarded provided host dealership has met insurance requirements. Fulfillment of vehicles will be arranged by MBDC staff with American Hole in One. MBUSA is not responsible for fulfillment of any Hole in One prizes. 
a. The 2020 MBDC Hole in One prize vehicle has not been determined but will typically be a Standard Sedan. Any upgrades, taxes etc. are the sole responsibility of the prize winner. 
5. A valid WHS Handicap Index will be required for entry into the MB of Centerville Championship and a handicap index will be required for the 2020 National Final. 
6. The following apply to participation at the National Final 
a. All players must be 21 years of age or older as of the official arrival date to the National Final. 
b. The No-Repeat Winner has been revised for the 2020 MBDC Program. If a player competed in a 2019 Sectional Tournament this player is ineligible to advance to the 2020 National Final Tournament by winning the same local tournament. 
c. Players are reminded that under current USGA regulations, acceptance of a winner package at the National Final event, including expenses, as well as participating in any of these events, can result in the loss of amateur status for participants. While the practical applications of forfeiture of amateur status are understood primarily to affect low handicap golfers who compete in scratch tournaments, concerned players should research this issue further with their local golf association. 
d. Should an ineligible player win or qualify through a local tournament, the next runner-up player from that local tournament will be invited to attend the National Final in the former’s place. 
i. In the case of qualification is based on two-player teams, if one player is ineligible, both players on that team are ineligible to advance to the National Final. 
e. Any player who has attended a Sectional tournament or National Final as a guest of a player is eligible to advance to the 2020 National Final as a competitor. 
7. MBUSA, MB of Centerville and Miami Valley Golf reserves the right to alter current policies surrounding the Mercedes-Benz Dealer Championships —including, but not limited to, Hole in One competition, gifts and prizing, player restrictions and requirements and National Final tournament details and player advancement.