Jacob Adams
PJ Boatwright Intern 

was introduced to the game of golf at a young age by my grandfather. He bought me my first set of kids clubs and I was hooked. When I was nine my mother enrolled me in golf lessons with Jim Rue at Rollandia Golf Course. He taught me the basics, and helped me improve to my level of play today. Eventually I would help teach the lessons that I was once a part of. Loving the game of golf, I thought that I would also like working in the golf industry. I got my first job at Moraine Country Club where I was a caddie. It was at Moraine that I learned to interact with people on the golf course professionally. Later, I started working at Pipestone Golf Course where I was a cart barn guy. I met many people there who taught me what it takes to run a quality golf course. Finally, I had a connection though my college at Cedarville University to have free housing while I worked a golf management internship at Cranberry Valley Golf Course in Harwich, Massachusetts. This is where I learned to venture out on my own and became my own person.

Now I am a college golfer for Cedarville University and a marketing major. I decided to become a marketing major because I wanted to learn how to bring people to the game of golf. I think the way to keep the game of golf thriving is to bring the younger generation to this great sport. I believe the way to do this is to teach the basics and get them on the course. One-day I hope to work in the business side of golf so that I can continue to encourage others to play the game that I love.

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